Project Trellis HTML Documentation

Project Trellis is a project to document the ECP5 bitstream and internal architecture.

This repository contains HTML documentation automatically generated from the Project Trellis database. The equivalent machine-readable data is located in prjtrellis-db. Data generated includes tilemap data and bitstream data for many tile types. Click on any tile to see its bitstream documentation.

More human-readable documentation on the ECP5 architecture and the Project Trellis methodology can be found on the Read the Docs site.

This HTML documentation was generated at 2020-09-09 20:36:54 from prjtrellis-db commit 09226403c039851a7dbcfbf05906f2871f8bc36f.

ECP5 Family

Bitstream Documentation

Cell Timing Documentation

Interconnect Timing Documentation

MachXO2 Family

Bitstream Documentation

Licensed under a very permissive CC0 1.0 Universal license.