This page has links to all the documentaton resources available for Yosys.

Yosys Manual

A quick first-steps tutorial can be found in the README file.

The Yosys manual can be downloaded here (PDF).


The best places to ask questions are the YosysHQ Community Slack and #yosys on Libera Chat. The best place to report a bug is on GitHub.

Presentation Slides

This presentation slides cover a wide range of topics related to Yosys. (The LaTeX source is part of the Yosys source distribution. Fell free to adapt the slides as needed.)

Application Notes

Papers and other Publications

This section is under construction.

In papers and reports, please refer to Yosys as follows: Clifford Wolf. Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite., e.g. using the following BibTeX code:
	author = {Clifford Wolf},
	title = {Yosys Open SYnthesis Suite},
	howpublished = "\url{}"

Command Reference