Download / Install

Download the latest Yosys release source code from GitHub: Release Notes and Download Links

Yosys is part of the Tabby CAD Suite and the OSS CAD Suite! The easiest way to use Yosys is to install the binary software suite, which contains all required dependencies and related tools. Download the latest nightly build here: OSS CAD Suite Download Links

Many Linux distributions also have Yosys packages (not maintained by us, so they may or may not be up to date with the latest releases). Check your package manager!

Installing Tabby/OSS CAD Suite

Binaries are available for Linux (x64, arm, arm64, riscv64), macOS (x64) and Windows (x64). Extract the archive in a location of your choice and source the environment script:

Linux / macOS

source <extracted_location>/oss-cad-suite/environment


From existing shell:
To create a new shell window:

Building Development Sources

Linux / macOS

Clone source code from git repository:
git clone
Configure build and/or change build settings in Makefile:
make config-clang
vi Makefile
vi Makefile.conf
Build, test and install:
make test
sudo make install
See the README file for detailed build instructions.


Builds for Windows can be built with VisualStudio or cross-compiled with MXE. VisualStudio project files are created as part of the automated tests on GitHub. An easy way to compile Yosys on Windows is to use the project file from the latest run:
  • Go to the Visual Studio Build Action on GitHub
  • Click on the most recent completed run
  • In Artifacts region find vcxsrc and click on it to download
  • Unpack downloaded ZIP file
  • Open YosysVS.sln with Visual Studio
Detailed Windows build instructions can be found in the guidelines.