Download / Install

Note: At the moment Yosys is mostly tested on Linux. Expect some difficulties when building on other platforms.

Download the Yosys 0.9 release source code from GitHub:

Installing on Ubuntu

Ruben Undheim maintains a PPA with Yosys Ubuntu packages. Use the following commands to install pre-compiled Yosys binaries on Ubuntu:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:saltmakrell/ppa
sudo apt-get update                                                                                                                                                                                              
sudo apt-get install yosys
His PPA only provides updated packages for the latest Ubuntu desktop LTS version - trusty (14.04 LTS). As of vivid (15.04), yosys will be available in the standard package repository for Ubuntu.

Yosys on MS Windows

There are two versions of Yosys for Win32. First there is the "official binary release" of Yosys for Win32 which is cross-compiled using MXE: And then there is a source code export for VisualStudio for users who want to do Yosys C++ development on Windows:

Building Development Sources

Clone source code from GIT repository:
git clone
Configure build and/or change build settings in Makefile:
make config-clang
vi Makefile
vi Makefile.conf
Build, test and install:
make test
sudo make install
See the README file for detailed build instructions.