Quartus handling of partly out-of-bounds parts select

OPEN: last verified in Quartus 17.0

Consider the following test case:

module issue_057(a, y);
  input [2:0] a;
  output [3:0] y;
  localparam [5:15] p = 51681708;
  assign y = p[15 + a -: 5];

This is expected to set y[3]=1 for a=1, but the quartus 14.0 synthesis output sets y[3]=0.

Test bench:

`timescale 1ns / 1ps
module issue_057_tb;
  reg [2:0] a;
  wire [3:0] y;

  issue_057 uut (a, y);

  initial begin
    a = 1; #1;
    $display("%b %b", a, y);

Test script:

/opt/altera/14.0/quartus/bin/quartus_map issue_057 --source=issue_057.v --family='Cyclone V'
/opt/altera/14.0/quartus/bin/quartus_fit issue_057 --part=5CGXFC7D6F27C6
/opt/altera/14.0/quartus/bin/quartus_eda issue_057 --simulation --tool=modelsim --format=verilog

/opt/altera/14.0/modelsim_ase/bin/vlib gold
/opt/altera/14.0/modelsim_ase/bin/vlog -work gold issue_057.v
/opt/altera/14.0/modelsim_ase/bin/vlog -work gold issue_057_tb.v

/opt/altera/14.0/modelsim_ase/bin/vlib gate
/opt/altera/14.0/modelsim_ase/bin/vlog -work gate simulation/modelsim/issue_057.vo
/opt/altera/14.0/modelsim_ase/bin/vlog -work gate /opt/altera/14.0/quartus/eda/sim_lib/cyclonev_atoms.v
/opt/altera/14.0/modelsim_ase/bin/vlog -work gate issue_057_tb.v

/opt/altera/14.0/modelsim_ase/bin/vsim -c -do 'run -all; exit' gold.issue_057_tb
/opt/altera/14.0/modelsim_ase/bin/vsim -c -do 'run -all; exit' gate.issue_057_tb

Crosscheck: Verific 35_463_32_140722, Modelsim 10.1e, XSim 2014.2 and Icarus Verilog (git 1572dcd) implement this correctly. Vivado 2014.2 suffers from the same bug.

2014-09-27 Reported via Altera mySupport (SR #11090526)
2015-05-15 Still broken in Quartus II 15.0
2017-07-01 Still broken in Quartus II 17.0

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