Verific uses incorrect width for self-determined division

CLOSED: fixed in Verific 482_32_150519

The self determined size of a division is max(SIZE(left), SIZE(right)).
(see IEEE Std. 1364-2005 table 5-22 or IEEE Std. 1800-2012 table 11-21)

Because of this the following module returns constant 0: The division returns a self-determined expression that is 4 bits in size and has the two MSB set to constant zero.

module issue_055(a, b, y);
  input [1:0] a;
  input [3:0] b;
  output [3:0] y;

  assign y = &(a / b);

It looks like Verific 463_32_140722 uses only SIZE(left), thus evaluating a=2'b11 and b=2'b01 to y=4'b0001.

2014-07-25 Reported bug to Verific support
2014-07-26 Bug added to issue tracker: VIPER Issue #8861
2015-05-20 Fixed in Verific 482_32_150519

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