Icarus Verilog vvp asserts on reduce of one-bit .arith/sub

CLOSED: fixed in Icarus GIT d1c9dd5

The following module builds fine with iverilog (ivl) but triggers an assert in vvp:

module issue_011(a, y);
    input [0:0] a;
    output [0:0] y;
    assign y  = |(-a);

The error I get is:

Internal error: Input vector expected width=1, got bit=2'b00, base=0, vwid=2
vvp: vvp_net_sig.cc:896: virtual vvp_net_fil_t::prop_t vvp_wire_vec4::filter_vec4(const vvp_vector4_t&,
        vvp_vector4_t&, unsigned int, unsigned int): Assertion `bits4_.size() == vwid' failed.

2013-12-31 Reported bug on GitHub
2014-01-06 Fixed in GIT commit d1c9dd5

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