write_edif - write design to EDIF netlist file

    write_edif [options] [filename]

Write the current design to an EDIF netlist file.

    -top top_module
        set the specified module as design top module

        do not create "GND" and "VCC" cells. (this will produce an error
        if the design contains constant nets. use "hilomap" to map to custom
        constant drivers first)

        create "GND" and "VCC" cells with "Y" outputs. (the default is "G"
        for "GND" and "P" for "VCC".)

        create EDIF properties for cell attributes

        create extra KEEP nets by allowing a cell to drive multiple nets.

    -pvector {par|bra|ang}
        sets the delimiting character for module port rename clauses to
        parentheses, square brackets, or angle brackets.

Unfortunately there are different "flavors" of the EDIF file format. This
command generates EDIF files for the Xilinx place&route tools. It might be
necessary to make small modifications to this command when a different tool
is targeted.