sim - simulate the circuit

    sim [options] [top-level]

This command simulates the circuit using the given top-level module.

    -vcd <filename>
        write the simulation results to the given VCD file

    -clock <portname>
        name of top-level clock input

    -clockn <portname>
        name of top-level clock input (inverse polarity)

    -reset <portname>
        name of top-level reset input (active high)

    -resetn <portname>
        name of top-level inverted reset input (active low)

    -rstlen <integer>
        number of cycles reset should stay active (default: 1)

        zero-initialize all uninitialized regs and memories

    -timescale <string>
        include the specified timescale declaration in the vcd

    -n <integer>
        number of cycles to simulate (default: 20)

        include all nets in VCD output, not just those with public names

        writeback mode: use final simulation state as new init state

        enable debug output