paramap - renaming cell parameters

    paramap [options] [selection]

This command renames cell parameters and/or maps key/value pairs to
other key/value pairs.

    -tocase <name>
        Match attribute names case-insensitively and set it to the specified

    -rename <old_name> <new_name>
        Rename attributes as specified

    -map <old_name>=<old_value> <new_name>=<new_value>
        Map key/value pairs as indicated.

    -imap <old_name>=<old_value> <new_name>=<new_value>
        Like -map, but use case-insensitive match for <old_value> when
        it is a string value.

    -remove <name>=<value>
        Remove attributes matching this pattern.

For example, mapping Diamond-style ECP5 "init" attributes to Yosys-style:

    paramap -tocase INIT t:LUT4