muxcover - cover trees of MUX cells with wider MUXes

    muxcover [options] [selection]

Cover trees of $_MUX_ cells with $_MUX{4,8,16}_ cells

    -mux4[=cost], -mux8[=cost], -mux16[=cost]
        Use the specified types of MUXes (with optional integer costs). If none
        of these options are given, the effect is the same as if all of them are.
        Default costs: $_MUX_ = 100, $_MUX4_ = 220,
                       $_MUX8_ = 460, $_MUX16_ = 940

        Use the specified cost for $_MUX_ cells used in decoders.
        Default cost: 90

        Do not insert decoder logic. This reduces the number of possible
        substitutions, but guarantees that the resulting circuit is not
        less efficient than the original circuit.

        Do not consider mappings that use $_MUX<N>_ to select from less
        than <N> different signals.