freduce - perform functional reduction

    freduce [options] [selection]

This pass performs functional reduction in the circuit. I.e. if two nodes are
equivalent, they are merged to one node and one of the redundant drivers is
disconnected. A subsequent call to 'clean' will remove the redundant drivers.

    -v, -vv
        enable verbose or very verbose output

        enable explicit handling of inverted signals

    -stop <n>
        stop after <n> reduction operations. this is mostly used for
        debugging the freduce command itself.

    -dump <prefix>
        dump the design to <prefix>_<module>_<num>.il after each reduction
        operation. this is mostly used for debugging the freduce command.

This pass is undef-aware, i.e. it considers don't-care values for detecting
equivalent nodes.

All selected wires are considered for rewiring. The selected cells cover the
circuit that is analyzed.