flowmap - pack LUTs with FlowMap

    flowmap [options] [selection]

This pass uses the FlowMap technology mapping algorithm to pack logic gates
into k-LUTs with optimal depth. It allows mapping any circuit elements that can
be evaluated with the `eval` pass, including cells with multiple output ports
and multi-bit input and output ports.

    -maxlut k
        perform technology mapping for a k-LUT architecture. if not specified,
        defaults to 3.

    -minlut n
        only produce n-input or larger LUTs. if not specified, defaults to 1.

    -cells <cell>[,<cell>,...]
        map specified cells. if not specified, maps $_NOT_, $_AND_, $_OR_,
        $_XOR_ and $_MUX_, which are the outputs of the `simplemap` pass.

        perform depth relaxation and area minimization.

    -r-alpha n, -r-beta n, -r-gamma n
        parameters of depth relaxation heuristic potential function.
        if not specified, alpha=8, beta=2, gamma=1.

    -optarea n
        optimize for area by trading off at most n logic levels for fewer LUTs.
        n may be zero, to optimize for area without increasing depth.
        implies -relax.

        dump intermediate graphs.

        explain decisions performed during depth relaxation.