equiv_make - prepare a circuit for equivalence checking

    equiv_make [options] gold_module gate_module equiv_module

This creates a module annotated with $equiv cells from two presumably
equivalent modules. Use commands such as 'equiv_simple' and 'equiv_status'
to work with the created equivalent checking module.

        Also match cells and wires with $... names.

    -blacklist <file>
        Do not match cells or signals that match the names in the file.

    -encfile <file>
        Match FSM encodings using the description from the file.
        See 'help fsm_recode' for details.

Note: The circuit created by this command is not a miter (with something like
a trigger output), but instead uses $equiv cells to encode the equivalence
checking problem. Use 'miter -equiv' if you want to create a miter circuit.