clkbufmap - insert clock buffers on clock networks

    clkbufmap [options] [selection]

Inserts clock buffers between nets connected to clock inputs and their drivers.

In the absence of any selection, all wires without the 'clkbuf_inhibit'
attribute will be considered for clock buffer insertion.
Alternatively, to consider all wires without the 'buffer_type' attribute set to
'none' or 'bufr' one would specify:
  'w:* a:buffer_type=none a:buffer_type=bufr %u %d'
as the selection.

    -buf <celltype> <portname_out>:<portname_in>
        Specifies the cell type to use for the clock buffers
        and its port names.  The first port will be connected to
        the clock network sinks, and the second will be connected
        to the actual clock source.

    -inpad <celltype> <portname_out>:<portname_in>
        If specified, a PAD cell of the given type is inserted on
        clock nets that are also top module's inputs (in addition
        to the clock buffer, if any).

At least one of -buf or -inpad should be specified.