chformal - change formal constraints of the design

    chformal [types] [mode] [options] [selection]

Make changes to the formal constraints of the design. The [types] options
the type of constraint to operate on. If none of the following options are given,
the command will operate on all constraint types:

    -assert       $assert cells, representing assert(...) constraints
    -assume       $assume cells, representing assume(...) constraints
    -live         $live cells, representing assert(s_eventually ...)
    -fair         $fair cells, representing assume(s_eventually ...)
    -cover        $cover cells, representing cover() statements

Exactly one of the following modes must be specified:

        remove the cells and thus constraints from the design

        bypass FFs that only delay the activation of a constraint

    -delay <N>
        delay activation of the constraint by <N> clock cycles

    -skip <N>
        ignore activation of the constraint in the first <N> clock cycles

        change the roles of cells as indicated. these options can be combined