Verilator bug in signed/unsigned expression eval

CLOSED: fixed in Verilator GIT adb39ce

The term (p1 + p2) below is part of an unsigned expression and thus should be zero-extended. Verilator fb4928b however performs signed bit extension and thus returns an incorrect result.

module issue_035(a, y);
  input [3:0] a;
  output [5:0] y;

  localparam signed [3:0] p1 = 4'b1000;
  localparam signed [3:0] p2 = 0;
  assign y = a + (p1 + p2);

Crosscheck: Vivado 2013.4, XST 14.7, Quartus 13.1, Xsim 2013.4 and Modelsim 10.1d implement this correctly.

Self-contained test case: test006.v,,

2014-04-09 Reported as Issue #737
2014-04-30 Fixed in GIT commit adb39ce

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