Handling of large constant RHS in shift operator

OPEN: last verified in Quartus 17.0

Consider the following test case:

module issue_029(a, y);
  input [3:0] a;
  output [7:0] y;
  wire [3:0] y1;
  wire [3:0] y2;

  assign y1 = 4'b1 << 33'h100000000;
  assign y2 = 1 >> {a, 64'b0};
  assign y = { y1, y2 };

The wire y1 should be constant zero. But Quartus 15.0 synthesis output sets y1=1.

This seems only to be a problem with constant shifts. The wire y2 is handled correctly.

Crosscheck: Vivado 2015.1, Modelsim 10.3d, Icarus Verilog (git 02ee387), and Verilator (git e5af46d) implement this correctly.

2015-05-15 Reported via Altera mySupport (SR #11146970)
2017-07-01 Still broken in Quartus II 17.0

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