Icarus Verilog: internal error: lval-rval width mismatch

CLOSED: fixed in Icarus GIT ecce1d2

The following module fails to build with icarus verilog (git 68f8de2):

module issue_022(a, y);
  input [1:0] a;
  output [1:0] y;
  assign y = 'bx ? 2'b0 : a;

the error message produced is:

internal error: lval-rval width mismatch: rval->vector_width()==1, lval->vector_width()==2
assert: elaborate.cc:150: failed assertion rval->vector_width() >= lval->vector_width()

2014-02-15 Reported bug on GitHub
2014-02-16 Fixed in GIT commit ecce1d2

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