Verific hangs on power operations with large exponents

CLOSED: fixed in Verific 463_32_140722

The following module should set y to constant 6'b110011, but instead it just hangs Verific 463_32_140306:

module issue_021(a, y);
    input [31:0] a;
    output [5:0] y;
    assign y = 6'd3 ** 123456789;

It seems as if Verific tries to calculate the power by simply performing 123456789 (or rather 123456788) multiplications. But the power operator should of course be implemented using a proper power-modulus algorithm.

2014-03-22 Reported bug to Verific support
2014-03-26 Bug added to issue tracker: VIPER Issue #8533
2014-07-23 Fixed in Verific 463_32_140722

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