Icarus Verilog signedness handling in binary bitwise operations of constants

CLOSED: fixed in Icarus GIT ac3aee0

Bitwise operations of signed values should yield a signed value (see sec. 5.5.1 of IEEE Std 1365-2005). This is implemented correctly in Icarus Verilog for operations involving at least one variable, but bit-wise boolean operations of two signed constants yield an unsigned constant.

For example the following test case:

module issue_013(a, y);
  input signed [3:0] a;
  output [1:0] y;
  assign y[0] = a > (4'sb1010 | 4'sd0);
  assign y[1] = (a | 4'sd0) > 4'sb1010;

For a=0 this will assign [0]=0 and [1]=1. The value for y[1] is correct (this is an all-signed expression). The value for y[0] is incorrect. (Tested with git d1c9dd5.)

2014-01-06 Reported bug on GitHub
2014-02-15 Fixed in GIT commit ac3aee0

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