Strange output-const-zero bug with Vivado + >>> + signedness

CLOSED: fixed in Vivado 2015.1

The following test case is synthesized to a constant zero output by Vivado:

module issue_004(a, b, y);
    input a, b;
    output signed [1:0] y;
    // for some reason vivado thinks this is constant 0.
    // this is obviously not true for a=1 and b=0.
    assign y = $signed(a >>> b);

Interestingly the bug goes away when y is not declared signed, even though the signedness of the left hand side of a verilog assign statement should have no effect on the statement at all (see Sec. 5.5.3 of IEEE Std 1364-2005).

This is with Vivado 2013.4 and the following TCL script:

read_verilog issue_004.v
synth_design -part xc7k70t -top issue_004
write_verilog -force issue_004_netlist.v

2014-01-10 Reported bug in Xilinx Support Forum
2014-04-16 Still broken in Vivado 2014.1
2014-09-27 Still broken in Vivado 2014.2
2015-05-15 Fixed in Vivado 2015.1

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