Verific sign handling bug in {N{...}} Verilog operator

CLOSED: fixed in Verific 463_32_140722

According to the Verilog standard (see sec. 5.1.14 of IEEE Std 1364-2005) the expressions for y0 and y1 in the following example are equivialent and should yield the same results:

module issue_000(a, y0, y1);
    input signed [1:0] a;
    output [4:0] y0;
    output [4:0] y1;
    // concatenate and replicate operators do not preserve signedness.
    // the MSB of of y0 and y1 must be constant zero.
    assign y0 = {a,a};
    assign y1 = {2{a}};

However, Verific 463_32_140306 handles {a,a} as an unsigned and {2{a}} as a signed expression (it should be handled as unsigned in both cases).

In other words, Verific connects the MSB of y0 to GND and the MSB of y1 to the MSB of a, but it should set the MSB of y1 to zero as well.

2014-03-08 Reported bug to Verific support
2014-03-18 Bug added to issue tracker: VIPER Issue #8510
2014-07-23 Fixed in Verific 463_32_140722

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